The Canyon Oscuros De Balces, also called Rodellar Canyon, is a  Canyon formed by an affluent of the Alcanadre river found in the north Spain,on the solid mass of Sierra the Guara.

Famous for it’s canyoning,  Due to the distinction of being very narrow, very deep and sometimes it even turns into a tune shape.


The combination of centuries of erosion and the properties of the rock made the walls smoothSometimes rough and sometimes progressive, which inspired the console to a soft curve appearance. 

The colors of the rock being of a typical orange yellow of Spain, the console Canyon Oscuros De Balces is made with a piece of wood similar to all these characteristics.It is therefore quite naturally that Herondesign thought of this river.

The choice of the color of the glass is a darker and natural blue that matches the color of the water of the Canyon.

The console Canyon Oscuros De Balces has a big sister, manufactured with the same piece of wood, and also inspired by this same canyon: the console Formiga Canyon.

With its fine dimensions, this console can slip easily into your entrance, your waiting room or in your hallway.


Collection : TABL’EAU

Reference : Balces Canyon Console

Dimensions : 100 x 45 x 85

Species : Elm

Glass : Laminated / tinted glass

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