A unique center table that tributes the Breton forest Brocéliande.






This wonderful center table, makes us scape to the Eden of  the forest with the infusion of the elm and the stabilized lichen






Héron Design incorporates a beautiful glass at the bottom to allow functionality to the table.




Héron Design creates a framework to stabilize the two plates of Elm, full of character with its natural designs.




With a subtle adjustment, Héron Design incorporates, as on the The coffee table Bouconne, a transparent glass that reveals the beauty of the lichen.

With this new design, Héron Design completes the Arbo’rescence collection.



Collection : Arbo’recense

Reference : Table basse : Brocéliande

Dimensions : 85 x 85 x 40

Essence : Elm

Glass : Laminated glass

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